Going Beyond The Mat With Your Training – Pressure Testing For Specific Preparedness

I remember pulling myself up, yet again, off the unforgiving concrete thinking that there was no way we were going to do another repetition. It was over.  Had to be. But then my glossy eyes would scan the highway twenty yards out in front of us and spot a few vehicles slowing down to watch. […]

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Santa Swagger

Fit For The Holidays: Training With Santa Claus

Santa Claus has been coming to town for quite some time now, spreading a wake of good tidings and cheer as he and his reindeer posse dance from roof top to roof top. But while all us young boys and girls (even if only at heart) marvel at the toys and goodies that making it […]

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Rising Phoenix

It’s Been A While…

Indeed, it has. I haven’t updated the site with a new blog post in several months, and you have my apologies for the sudden lack of communication with you all. But, I wanted to take the time now to check in and give my good friends across the world wide web a bit of an […]

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Zombies Run!: Spike Your Running With Some Creative Engagement

I’ve never been a big fan of running.  This is probably why I’ve never discussed the medium here on the blog. By no means do I believe it to be an invalid form of movement practice.  More than any pro or con, it boils down to the point of wanting to do other things with […]

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Mirror, Mirror: What’s My Fitness Reflection?

I don’t make it out to the movies nearly as much as I used to, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis. No, wait.  That’s not right… That’s that other dude… and when he speaks he’s not sitting in a Starbucks next to a local gathering of Oprah’s book of the month club, but […]

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joe elliot workout

Decoding Def Leppard: Is Your Training Bringin’ On The Heartbreak?

Yeah.  That’s right.  A Def Leppard lead in. As a matter of fact, the 80’s juggernaut is ALL OVER this post… Hey, I love the 80’s.  Especially the Arena Rock sonic boom of the Hair Band era.  So, Joe Elliot and crew are tops in my book. And, Bringin’ On The Hearbreak is an iconic Def Leppard […]

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grab life by the horns

My Clubbell Discovery

Earlier this week I set out into the forrest to get in a heavy clubbell training session. Trekking out, deep into Mother Nature, for a bit of communion and physical activity is something that I hold very dear. I grew up next to a set of woods, so I feel right at home under a […]

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Egyptian Side Bending

Side Bending Is Ancient History

Oh, don’t get me wrong… Side bending is NOT gone with the wind. However, today we’re absolutely looking at it as a thing of the past. Stay with me now… When we talk about mindful movement, we talk about being fully present in our practice – not dwelling in the past (or pining for the […]

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purchase clubbell flow evolution

Clubbell Flow Evolution

I take a lot of pride in my programming. I’m not one to just throw something against the wall, hoping that it will stick. There’s thought and contemplation, experimentation and analysis, adjustment and outfitting that goes into a program’s build and deployment. Before I REALLY made a go at this movement coaching thing, I was […]

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stability and mobility polar opposites

Harmonize The Stability / Mobility Continuum To Move With More Power And Grace

The trending hot-topic in our Virtual Coaching forum deals with the stability/mobility continuum, and the role it plays in producing graceful and powerful movement. It’s a discussion that was sparked by one of our member’s fabulous journaling – which by the way, if you’re NOT journaling in your own training, you should start NOW (more […]

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give and take

Clubbell Give & Take Explorations

It was a GORGEOUS day here in Jersey today. And, thus, provided the perfect excuse to get outdoors and get some honest, heavy clubbell training in. Then again, we don’t really need too much of an excuse to get outside and train, do we??? One thing I like to do in my training is film […]

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movement community

4 Houses, 1 Community: Transform Your Movement, Transform Your Life

Some of the more frequent comments I’ll get from visitors on this site are those regarding my tagline: Transform Your Movement, Transform Your Life. Some jive with it, others don’t. It’s cool either way, though, because it’s not simply a swath of plaster applied by a marketing hand.  It’s a statement that I truly believe […]

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