4 Houses, 1 Community: Transform Your Movement, Transform Your Life

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Some of the more frequent comments I’ll get from visitors on this site are those regarding my tagline:

Transform Your Movement, Transform Your Life.

Some jive with it, others don’t.

It’s cool either way, though, because it’s not simply a swath of plaster applied by a marketing hand.  It’s a statement that I truly believe in.  Experiencing just how much movement transformed MY life is the reason I pursued a life of coaching in the first place.

In fact, everything I do, here online and locally, is done so in the wake of that statement.

So, if ya dig it, then we can party all night long.  And if not, that’s cool too, because there’s always a party going on across town that just might be more your cup of tea.  No worries either way…

However, I’ve come to realize that perhaps I haven’t fully defined certain things here on the site.  We can’t always fit things into nice, neat little boxes, but in the interest of giving a bit more clarity I’m going to take a shot at doing just that.

Below are my four houses of movement.  These four houses don’t merely stand alone, but congregate to form a community of one, working together, overlapping seamlessly to create a voice for positive lifestyle change.

The House of Personal Care 

Here, we employ meaningful movement in the interest of physical education; to create a means by which we can find empowerment, and move from the passenger seat (and even the back seat) into the drivers seat of our own health, mitigating aches and pains and taking pre-emptive strikes on early aging and dis-ability.

We utilize newfound knowledge on human movement and how it relates to the world around us to forge our own health-care plan.  It was by dwelling in this house, that I was able to move and feel better than I had in years, and it ignited the spark that shuttled me down the path I currently walk.

The House of Personal Mastery

Here we employ mindful movement to turn practice inward, pulling focus from the destination and the fringes back towards center and on the process, in the interest of teasing out shadowy restrictions and realizing our full potential.

I believe our movement must be meaningful before it becomes mindful, if we’re to truly walk the path of personal mastery.  While the previous house finds us learning more about the human/nature relationship, this house asks us to learn more about our own personal role in the equation.

The House of Personal Sanctuary

Here we employ meditative movement in the interest of finding balance, relief and harmony from the stressors of daily life; here we find joy in movement. Just as I believe you can’t truly have mindful movement without meaningful movement, you can’t have meditative movement without either of the former.

In this house, movement is not a chore, or some rote application we partake in to serve a superficial end.  Going through the motions does not exist here.  Instead, in this house, movement is an act of exuberance and a place that we retreat to in order to find center.

The House of Personal Flow 

Here we employ married movement to create more grace, ease and resiliencey in daily tasks, so that we’re best able to handle what the chaotic environment has to throw at us.  It stems from an eruption of having lived amongst the previous three houses for some time.

This is where we find the connectedness of everything, realizing that one thing simply transitions into the next.  Here, movement becomes art; a creative expression and extension of oneself.

Why So Personal?

Personal, because every experience is unique, and while each human organism operates under the same laws and constructs that nature has laid out for us, each of us walks our own path in life.  Each of us is the sum total of experiences of the mind, body and soul.  Meaningful, Mindful, Meditative and Married Movement all build towards these ends.

Everything we do here at Day 1 is geared towards dwelling within these four movement houses and utilizing the strength of the community it builds to be better in all that we do, so that we may inspire our loved ones to follow suit.

Let your movement be infectious my friends, that you may help change the world… for the better :-)

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7 Responses to 4 Houses, 1 Community: Transform Your Movement, Transform Your Life

  1. Shane Heins April 10, 2012 at 11:09 pm #

    Love this bro! This is what the world needs more of from their “fitness”. When one truly looks at it as such, why would anyone CHOOSE to cheat themselves (and those around them) out of the immense benefit of doing so.

    Keep up this incredible service you provide here.
    I’m walking the journey with you!

    • John Belkewitch April 10, 2012 at 11:19 pm #

      Shane! Thanks for checking in, brother from the great North West. Jiving with your sentiments for sure. Glad to have some good company on this ride :-)

  2. Mark April 11, 2012 at 2:30 am #

    The first time I saw those words on your website, something clicked. You had eloquently described what I have been trying to explain to myself and other’s. The simplicity of that statement has such a profound meaning. I absolutely love it and it resonates deep within me. Your house’s say to me Study, Practice, Explore and Have Fun, and finally Create. Again, great post. Thank you.

    • John Belkewitch April 11, 2012 at 1:53 pm #

      “Study, Practice, Explore and Have Fun, and finally Create” … right-on, Mark :-)

  3. Donna April 11, 2012 at 6:54 pm #

    I dig it!


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