Clubbell Flow Evolution

clubbell flow evolution

I take a lot of pride in my programming.

I’m not one to just throw something against the wall, hoping that it will stick.

There’s thought and contemplation, experimentation and analysis, adjustment and outfitting that goes into a program’s build and deployment.

Before I REALLY made a go at this movement coaching thing, I was big into creative writing.

Playing in that arena found me continually knee-deep in human psychology, character development, and story breaking.

So, for as much as I have a PASSION for movement (and all of the power that it’s mindful execution can dish out), my love of STORY is certainly on-par.

The day I realized I could tell stories through movement, both in programming and in helping others to re-write their own (life stories), was a REALLY good day in my life :-)

It changed coaching from this thing that I happen to do, to a MISSION that embodies who I am.

And it’s this thread of WHY, of purpose and spirit-driven coaching, that connects me and my brother from the Van-BC, Shane Heins.

And even though his hair, at times, falls short of a pure mo-hawk, and he likes to trade in the word about for aboot, my respect for him is of the highest order.

Beta Testing Clubbell Flow Evolution

I recently had the privilege of beta testing Shane’s newest entry in his Clubbell Evolution series:  Clubbell Flow Evolution.

Flow utilizes married movement for ultimate expression, creativity and personal freedom in our practice.  If we’re paying attention and are meditative with our work, then our practice should naturally evolve towards this grand stage of performance.

clubbell flow evolution review

I was aware that Shane had something in the release pipe and had a HUNCH that this was the direction he was heading in, so when he dropped the program title on me, I was like, “I knew it!!!!!!!”

I was uber excited, but I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t have just a wee-bit of “program envy” 😉

Eager to set my clubs to the Clubbell Flow Evolution task, Shane informed me that I’d be working with the first stage (of three total) of the program:  Hurricane Healing Mobility

Straight from the Clubbell Flow Evolution website:  [Hurricane Healing Mobility] utilizes a Single 5 lbs Clubbell with all the movements specifically designed to release tension and open up the body, while laying down a foundation (or shoring up weak spots) in Clubbell basics that will provide a platform for launching into more sophisticated and challenging applications with greater effectiveness and benefit. Ideal for healing in recovery from injury, warm-ups, lighter intensity sessions and training while you travel.

My schedule was already pretty hectic – private coaching, classes, addressing my own movement goals, and testing out my own program creations – but the Hurricane Healing Mobility stage of Clubbell Flow Evolution would actually lend a hand in my recovery, so I was more than happy to work it into my programming

Clubbell Flow Evolution Review

The 5lb clubbell work served me well with regards to recovery.  It also allowed for a little brain food, as the weight is light enough (for me) to muscle through the work… IF I’m not involved in the process.  So, I had to exercise a bit more attentional stamina to keep my practice pure.  In the end, it allowed me to avoid running on autopilot and perform work that went beyond ONLY restoration and into laying down some new wiring in the brain, serving as a bit of vitality super-charge

While I utilized the Hurricane Healing Mobility stage of Clubbell Flow Evolution mainly as a form of extra recovery, it also holds TREMENDOUS value for the clubbell training beginner.  Not only is the weight accessible, but the movements themselves are as well.  On top of that, the trainee will get to experience true evolution of movement by sophisticating from foundational, or component work, to combination routines to fully realized flows.

The highest regard I can pay Clubbell Flow Evolution is to say that it’s something that I would use with my own clients without hesitation.

clubbell flow evolution downloadBut, if you’re not a beginner and you’re not into “light” clubbell work, no worries…

Clubbell Flow Evolution contains the Flow Force Endurance stage, which utilizes dual, mid-range weight clubbells for lasting muscular endurance, and the Cyclone Strength stage, which utilizes single, heavy clubbell work for big-time strength gains.

Outside of playing with the Hurricane Healing Mobility stage, I got to take a look at the full program, and can confidently say that there’s truly something for EVERYONE here.  In total, Clubbell Flow Evolution gives you enough material to keep you busy for a little over 2 years.

Crazy, I know!

While I’m a fan of all of Shane’s Clubbell Evolution programs, Clubbell Flow Evolution speaks to me on the deepest level.  He’s always taken into account the inner game of physical culture, but I believe that excavation is the most realized with this program.  The tagline, Serenity In The Hurricane, speaks to this beautifully.

Some people ONLY want to workout, and have ZERO desire to take up arms with the inner game of it all.  If that’s your orientation, then you’ll absolutely benefit from the physical work in Clubbell Flow Evolution.

However, if you’re looking for something MORE, and are up to the feat of exploring the darker caverns and halls of the stuff that drives you, then Clubbell Flow Evolution gives you the physical means and emotional guidance to pick away and shine a light into those depths, coming through the other side with a newfound resolve and understanding of not just WHAT you’re doing, but WHY you’re doing it.

Clubbell Flow Evolution Bottom Line

At the end of the day three big things stand out for me regarding Clubbell Flow Evolution.

1.  It’s Accessible.  Clubbell Flow Evolution helps to build in a nice foundation for the novice clubbell trainee.  Not all clubbell programs do this.  I see it VERY often when training individuals with “some” clubbell experience.  The foundation’s just not there, quite possibly because other clubbell programs present with a bit more of a challenge to find a foot-hold for the pure beginner.

2.  It’s Thoughtful.  Not in a cute, give-me-flowers-for-no-reason kind of way.  But, instead, there’s meaning behind the build of the program, and there’s a nod to a holistic health approach woven into the program guidance.  Few programs extend this gift to their trainees.  Do yourself a favor and DO NOT brush off this element of the program.

3.  It’s Fun.  One of the biggest keys in making your health and fitness habits sustainable is that you must ENJOY the work you’re doing.  Sophistication of work out towards Flow makes sure you’re constantly stimulating your brain, thus your creative juices, keeping your practice a hellofalotta fun.

If I was stranded on a desert island and could only take with me one clubbell program that’s currently out there on the market, it would absolutely be Clubbell Flow Evolution.

If you’re interested in snagging yourself a copy of the (fully digital, downloadable) program head on over to the Clubbell Flow Evolution website by clicking here.

purchase clubbell flow evolution

If you’re unsure, hit me up with a reply or shoot me a message and I’d be more than happy to answer any questions that I can.  If you do pick it up, I’d love to here about your progress as you find some serenity in your hurricane.

Do the program justice and it will return the favor in kind.

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