Movement Transformation Group: Finding Strength In Flow

I offer a number of services here at Day 1 Fitness Solutions.

Private and Small Group Coaching, Workshops, Virtual Coaching and Information Products.

While all of these offerings are at play in the Health and Fitness arena, my focus is on movement transformation across the board.

I have no issue whatsoever with body transformation and “strength & conditioning”, but I have a PASSION for movement.  In fact, body transformation and improved strength and conditioning are natural side effects of a properly programmed movement transformation plan of action.

Grace, Ease, Confidence… these are hallmarks that I choose to judge progress by.

Interestingly enough, the service I get the most questions regarding is our Movement Transformation Group.  Is it personal training?  A boot camp?  A follow-along class, kinda like Zumba?

No.  Not at all.


The Group is run a bit more in the vein of a club.

The short of it is that the Group is accessible to both beginners and more seasoned practitioners looking to strengthen the foundation of their personal practice. In each session, we’ll stretch, strengthen and move, applying a progressive, foundational theme in the interest of improving the grace, ease and confidence through which we operate our daily lives.

Below you can view a few clips from some class sessions over the recent holiday break:

As you can see, we engage in mindful practice, where we train body weight, clubbells, joint wellness, and prasara yoga (our keystones), in the hopes of stripping the sludge, cleaning the slate, restoring the human machine and finding strength in flow.

Whether I have 10 people or 1 person in a group session, I’m absolutely thrilled to be there.  My students make me a better coach every single day. I encourage them to challenge me on the curriculum just as much as I set out to challenge them on a holistic stand point. They take nothing at face value and dig deeper into the material long after the session has ended.

Very proud of the dedicated guys and gals who make up this group.

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