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My Clubbell Discovery

Earlier this week I set out into the forrest to get in a heavy clubbell training session. Trekking out, deep into Mother Nature, for a bit of communion and physical activity is something that I hold very dear. I grew up next to a set of woods, so I feel right at home under a […]

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4 Houses, 1 Community: Transform Your Movement, Transform Your Life

Some of the more frequent comments I’ll get from visitors on this site are those regarding my tagline: Transform Your Movement, Transform Your Life. Some jive with it, others don’t. It’s cool either way, though, because it’s not simply a swath of plaster applied by a marketing hand.  It’s a statement that I truly believe […]

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Body Weight Solutions Basics

A sustainable, equipment free, digital deluxe program, designed to create more flow in your life.

At the end of the day, it’s about the process, the journey, and not the destination. And my goal is for Body Weight Solutions Basics to provide a forum for movement exploration and a means to attain more grace, ease and confidence in the way in which we conduct our daily lives.

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Movement Transformation Group: Finding Strength In Flow

I offer a number of services here at Day 1 Fitness Solutions. Private and Small Group Coaching, Workshops, Virtual Coaching and Information Products. While all of these offerings are at play in the Health and Fitness arena, my focus is on movement transformation across the board. I have no issue whatsoever with body transformation and […]

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3 Health Lessons From Frank The Barber

The hair cuts are good, but the talk is better. I mean, my hair “styling” requirements aren’t that complex, so I can go to any number of barbers for a military style buzz. Stands to reason, then, that it’s not merely a “good cut” that keeps me coming back. I’m probably not in the chair […]

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Monster Movement – The Descending Shin Roll Of Frankenstein

It’s October. Fall is here. And with it, my FAVORITE holiday of them all. HALLOWEEN! Oh, how I love it. The cool air.  Colorful landscape.  The hint of magic and mystery in the air. To celebrate, we’re going to take a look at a few monster movements, from several fellows that happened to come to […]

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TACFIT Training Group Testimony

Please don’t let the terminology fool you. With a name like TACFIT (tactical fitness), many people assume that our TACFIT Training Group classes are for the hardest of the core. But that’s simply NOT true. While TACFIT can give ANYONE a run for their money, it’s designed to allow grandmothers, national athletes and tactical responders to train side by […]

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New Sustainable Fitness Programs

I’ve been getting a lot of requests lately (both locally and online) for more programming options; something beyond articles and tutorials. In light of those requests, I’ve put together a few options that I believe will be beneficial for those of you struggling to maintain a routine, as well as those of you looking to […]

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5 Ways To Inconvenience Yourself For Better Health

Comfort Zones are niceties, to be sure. However, when it comes to your health and fitness they’re dangerous liasons. It’s only as you push the envelope of your comfort zones that you see continual growth and progress. This shows up in all aspects of our lives. From profession, to relationships, to physique to health. You’re […]

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Push Up Variations: The Screw-Arm Press

For many of us, the basic push up can get pretty boring after a while. While it’s a great foundational movement, it would serve us well to progress out past it into more sophisticated activity-specific movements. We’ll not only increase the intelligence of our nervous systems, but we’ll help to avoid injuries and issues from […]

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Clubbell Hero Evolution

CST Head Coach, and good buddy, Shane Heins has just released the newest entry in his Clubbell Evolution Series: The Clubbell Hero Evolution I’ve yet to run through the program, but have had the opportunity to look over the materials. If you enjoyed Clubbell Mass Evolution, you’ll certainly enjoy Hero Evolution.  Even though the two […]

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Clubbell Axeman – Part 3

Having just arrived back from another camping retreat, it’s evident just how important training to improve the efficiency of your chosen lifestyle is. Our focus was on survival skills and specific fitness preparations for “making it through” the weekend. Fire is king out there, and without it you won’t last too long (especially after a […]

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