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Is Shoveling Snow Deadly?

The Northeast was hit with a double dose of the white stuff again this past week (and more is on the way for next week).  More than recent winters, we’re being reminded that snow shoveling, just like any other activity, can be quite the work out. Most people tend to think of it as more […]

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Save Time With The Cyclone Lunge Complex

In today’s society it’s increasingly easier to fill our time, and harder to manage it.  Consequently, it helps to train in ways that are not only an effective use of our time, but an efficient one as well. Here our goal is to receive the most benefit from our training in the least time possible. […]

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TACFIT In The Snow

I absolutely LOVE training outdoors, especially in the woods.  The more remote, the better.  Nothing like getting realigned with nature. However, here in Jersey, the weather tends to start becoming a factor around the first week of December.  Throw in a blizzard, and not only are you fighting the cold but you’ve also got to […]

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Learn The Jack In A Box Squat

Just what is a Jack In A Box Squat? Why would you want to add it to your current training program? Just how the heck do you perform it? The latest edition of the RMAX Magazine has just been released and inside you can read my tutorial (and watch the included videos) on the JIABS […]

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Safe Snow Shoveling

New Jersey saw its first snow fall of the winter and boy was it a BLIZZARD!  However, being trapped inside 32 inch walls of white stuff gave me a prime opportunity to go over proper technique. A quick scan up and down my block confirmed that NO ONE was removing snow safely.  And considering the […]

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