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Zombies Run!: Spike Your Running With Some Creative Engagement

I’ve never been a big fan of running.  This is probably why I’ve never discussed the medium here on the blog. By no means do I believe it to be an invalid form of movement practice.  More than any pro or con, it boils down to the point of wanting to do other things with […]

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Decoding Def Leppard: Is Your Training Bringin’ On The Heartbreak?

Yeah.  That’s right.  A Def Leppard lead in. As a matter of fact, the 80’s juggernaut is ALL OVER this post… Hey, I love the 80’s.  Especially the Arena Rock sonic boom of the Hair Band era.  So, Joe Elliot and crew are tops in my book. And, Bringin’ On The Hearbreak is an iconic Def Leppard […]

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Being Fully Present In Your Practice: Mindful Movement And Personal Mastery

How involved are you with your training? It’s a question that quite often comes up in discussion with friends, training partners and potential clients. Typical answers tend to go a little something like, “I try to work out at least three times per week…” or, “Sometimes I’ll do something I found online, sometimes I’ll just kinda make […]

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5 Ways To Inconvenience Yourself For Better Health

Comfort Zones are niceties, to be sure. However, when it comes to your health and fitness they’re dangerous liasons. It’s only as you push the envelope of your comfort zones that you see continual growth and progress. This shows up in all aspects of our lives. From profession, to relationships, to physique to health. You’re […]

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For the Final Push of my TACFIT Field Instructor Certification preparations, I decided to take a page out of CST Head Coach, Shane Heins’ playbook and run myself through the TACFIT 6-A-Day protocol. Completing the 6-A-Day means performing TACFIT Alpha through Foxtrot in a single day. This serves as a means to be more prepared […]

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A Good Friend With A Good Excuse

Thank goodness for excuses. What would we do without them? They allow us to cop out when we lack the resolve to push ahead. They allow us to drop accountability and push the blame off on something or someone else. Certainly, things happen from time to time that draw up cause to shift our energies […]

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Tacfit: The Hard Responsible Push

My Tacfit Field Instructor preparations were recently sidelined due to a serious bout of the flu.  I felt something coming on the week before it hit, and tried to stave it off.  I normally come out on top.  However, this time the beast got the best of me. I was out of action physically, and […]

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What Music Are You Training To?

What’s the best music is best to work out to? Does musical selection even matter? Perhaps no music at all is the way to go… Personal preference certainly ties deeply into what should go on the iPod during a training session.  But whether you’re choosing Metal, Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, or New Wave, you should pay […]

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Use This Assisted Movement For Better Neck Gliding

As a guy who’s dealt with neck issues for the past 10 years, I cherish every extra degree of cervical freedom I can get. Discovering Scott Sonnon’s Intu Flow program was a godsend.  In only a matter of two days, I’d found relief from tension and discomfort that I’d been carrying around for years. Now, […]

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Review: Clubbell Mass Evolution

I only recommend products on this site that I’ve used personally or with my clients.  However, I have not used Clubbell Mass Evolution. Not yet, anyway (soon… very soon…). So, why am I recommending it? Because I don’t need to use THIS program to know it works.  I know the man behind the program.  I […]

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Is Shoveling Snow Deadly?

The Northeast was hit with a double dose of the white stuff again this past week (and more is on the way for next week).  More than recent winters, we’re being reminded that snow shoveling, just like any other activity, can be quite the work out. Most people tend to think of it as more […]

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(from tacfit.tv) The Concept Where “bootcamp” approaches to fitness derived from military mental reprogramming attempting to convince the body it can push beyond its healthy limits, TACFIT® derives from the ability to efficiently respond to a crisis and remain level-headed, aware and “in flow”, such as with fire rescue and emergency medical personnel, in a […]

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