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Tough Mudder Training Recap

If you’re a New Jersey mud maniac, then you know what time it is! Next weekend marks the return of the Tri-State Tough Mudder – a 13 (ish) mile,  military-grade obstacle course. The event is an interesting juxtaposition to this weekends NYC Marathon. Yes, the Mudder is HALF the distance, BUT the obstacles and elements […]

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Rugged Maniac Comes To Jersey

It seems as though a new obstacle race is popping up every day.  Some are longer than others and have more obstacles, but for the most part, all of them share the same qualities:  distance, mud, crawling, climbing, jumping, bumping… and of course some have elements such as extreme heat, extreme cold, barbed wire, fire […]

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Tacfit: The Hard Responsible Push

My Tacfit Field Instructor preparations were recently sidelined due to a serious bout of the flu.  I felt something coming on the week before it hit, and tried to stave it off.  I normally come out on top.  However, this time the beast got the best of me. I was out of action physically, and […]

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Is Shoveling Snow Deadly?

The Northeast was hit with a double dose of the white stuff again this past week (and more is on the way for next week).  More than recent winters, we’re being reminded that snow shoveling, just like any other activity, can be quite the work out. Most people tend to think of it as more […]

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Best Tough Mudder Gear

One of the top questions I get regarding the Tough Mudder is “So, what should I wear?” And, of course, the answer is always “Well, that depends.” While all Tough Mudders are similar in design, they’re not all equal in actualization. The biggest determinant of gear is going to be the elements. Is your event […]

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Tough Mudder Training: 5 Key Components To A Safe And Effective Plan

When training for anything – not just a 12 mile, 19 military grade obstacle course – you want to make sure your plan progresses so that you peak at event time.  Not before, and certainly not afterward. Having said that, everyone’s plan will look different.  When prepping our team for New Jersey’s Tri State Tough […]

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