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Basic Lower Body Warm Up Routine

In our previous video installment we took a look at mobility drills to prime the neck and shoulders.  We were interested in releasing tension and discomfort, while working towards increased joint integrity and longevity. In this installment, we’re going to take a look at the lower body. However, we’re talking a bit more of a […]

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Basic Mobility Routine: Neck & Shoulders

Just about everyone I see for training starts their journey with some kind of neck and shoulder pain, discomfort or immobility. Unfortunately, it’s a symptom (at least in part) of a high paced, high stressed working culture that finds us seated and hunched for 8 hours (or more) a day.  But headaches, neck tension and […]

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Great (creative) Neck Exercise for Computer Users

There are a ton of things we can do to counter the sludge created from a sedentary and seated lifestyle. For starters, you can check out the free resource on this site, to work out some of those kinks right from your desk.  There are copious other ways to go about countering our chair shaped […]

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Use This Assisted Movement For Better Neck Gliding

As a guy who’s dealt with neck issues for the past 10 years, I cherish every extra degree of cervical freedom I can get. Discovering Scott Sonnon’s Intu Flow program was a godsend.  In only a matter of two days, I’d found relief from tension and discomfort that I’d been carrying around for years. Now, […]

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Is Shoveling Snow Deadly?

The Northeast was hit with a double dose of the white stuff again this past week (and more is on the way for next week).  More than recent winters, we’re being reminded that snow shoveling, just like any other activity, can be quite the work out. Most people tend to think of it as more […]

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Try This Pry Bar For A Stubborn Thoracic Spine

Thoracic spine mobility is important in maintaining healthy posture and breathing. Unfortunately, the shadows cast by our technological age are grizzly ones.  Slumped and seated postures, especially when held for a prolonged period of time, pose a major threat to maintaining an efficient anatomical position.  The build-up of tension in and around the area from […]

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