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Rising Phoenix

It’s Been A While…

Indeed, it has. I haven’t updated the site with a new blog post in several months, and you have my apologies for the sudden lack of communication with you all. But, I wanted to take the time now to check in and give my good friends across the world wide web a bit of an […]

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5 Ways To Inconvenience Yourself For Better Health

Comfort Zones are niceties, to be sure. However, when it comes to your health and fitness they’re dangerous liasons. It’s only as you push the envelope of your comfort zones that you see continual growth and progress. This shows up in all aspects of our lives. From profession, to relationships, to physique to health. You’re […]

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5 Activities For Healthier Joints

Millions of people suffer on a daily basis from joint related pains. The most common form of joint pain – Arthritic Disease – affects just under 50 million Americans. The old-school way of thinking was to chalk it up to “old age.” Rest, and waiting for joint replacement, were the prescriptions of choice.  While these […]

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Great (creative) Neck Exercise for Computer Users

There are a ton of things we can do to counter the sludge created from a sedentary and seated lifestyle. For starters, you can check out the free resource on this site, to work out some of those kinks right from your desk.  There are copious other ways to go about countering our chair shaped […]

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What Music Are You Training To?

What’s the best music is best to work out to? Does musical selection even matter? Perhaps no music at all is the way to go… Personal preference certainly ties deeply into what should go on the iPod during a training session.  But whether you’re choosing Metal, Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, or New Wave, you should pay […]

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Try This Pry Bar For A Stubborn Thoracic Spine

Thoracic spine mobility is important in maintaining healthy posture and breathing. Unfortunately, the shadows cast by our technological age are grizzly ones.  Slumped and seated postures, especially when held for a prolonged period of time, pose a major threat to maintaining an efficient anatomical position.  The build-up of tension in and around the area from […]

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