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Tough Mudder Training Recap

If you’re a New Jersey mud maniac, then you know what time it is! Next weekend marks the return of the Tri-State Tough Mudder – a 13 (ish) mile,  military-grade obstacle course. The event is an interesting juxtaposition to this weekends NYC Marathon. Yes, the Mudder is HALF the distance, BUT the obstacles and elements […]

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Tough Mudder Training Alternatives – Swamp Stomp (+)

So far, we’ve looked at Tough Mudder training alternatives to the Devil’s Beard and Boa Constrictor obstacles. In the following installment, we’re looking to kill two birds with one stone as we address the Swamp Stomp and descending mud hills. Our first installment found us using rope, in our second we resorted to body weight, […]

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Tough Mudder Training Alternatives – Boa Constrictor

In our previous installment, we took a look at an alternative training movement for the Devil’s Beard obstacle. You can check that post out here, and read up on why we’re looking for alternatives to training for the Tough Mudder obstacles. For this installment, we’re going to look at the Boa Constrictor obstacle. And just […]

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Rugged Maniac Comes To Jersey

It seems as though a new obstacle race is popping up every day.  Some are longer than others and have more obstacles, but for the most part, all of them share the same qualities:  distance, mud, crawling, climbing, jumping, bumping… and of course some have elements such as extreme heat, extreme cold, barbed wire, fire […]

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Tough Mudder Training Alternatives – Devil’s Beard

Probably the biggest question I get asked when discussing our team’s experience at the Tri-State Tough Mudder with future participants is “how should I prepare for the event?” The Tough Mudder website does offer a plan of action for preparing for the event.  However, it’s focus is not as honed as it needs to be […]

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Best Tough Mudder Gear

One of the top questions I get regarding the Tough Mudder is “So, what should I wear?” And, of course, the answer is always “Well, that depends.” While all Tough Mudders are similar in design, they’re not all equal in actualization. The biggest determinant of gear is going to be the elements. Is your event […]

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Tough Mudder Training: 5 Key Components To A Safe And Effective Plan

When training for anything – not just a 12 mile, 19 military grade obstacle course – you want to make sure your plan progresses so that you peak at event time.  Not before, and certainly not afterward. Having said that, everyone’s plan will look different.  When prepping our team for New Jersey’s Tri State Tough […]

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Learn The Jack In A Box Squat

Just what is a Jack In A Box Squat? Why would you want to add it to your current training program? Just how the heck do you perform it? The latest edition of the RMAX Magazine has just been released and inside you can read my tutorial (and watch the included videos) on the JIABS […]

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Tough Mudder Training: All Miles Are NOT Created Equal

The phone conversation went something like this: “Are you sure?” “Yeah, yeah.” “It’s a light day.  Only five miles.  We’ll be back before the game starts.” “Nah, I’m cool.” “The Mudder is two weeks away.” “I’ll just get my miles in at the track after the game.” “You’re good with that?” “Totally.  Five miles is […]

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Tough Mudder Training: Entering the Ring (of fire)…

I had been toiling it over for a few weeks. A good buddy of mine had asked me to join him and a small group of guys in this thing called the Tough Mudder.  Funny name, but it sounded a bit different from the typical races he normally engages in. I immediately checked out the […]

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