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Decoding Def Leppard: Is Your Training Bringin’ On The Heartbreak?

Yeah.  That’s right.  A Def Leppard lead in. As a matter of fact, the 80’s juggernaut is ALL OVER this post… Hey, I love the 80’s.  Especially the Arena Rock sonic boom of the Hair Band era.  So, Joe Elliot and crew are tops in my book. And, Bringin’ On The Hearbreak is an iconic Def Leppard […]

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Clubbell Flow Evolution

I take a lot of pride in my programming. I’m not one to just throw something against the wall, hoping that it will stick. There’s thought and contemplation, experimentation and analysis, adjustment and outfitting that goes into a program’s build and deployment. Before I REALLY made a go at this movement coaching thing, I was […]

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TACFIT Training Group Testimony

Please don’t let the terminology fool you. With a name like TACFIT (tactical fitness), many people assume that our TACFIT Training Group classes are for the hardest of the core. But that’s simply NOT true. While TACFIT can give ANYONE a run for their money, it’s designed to allow grandmothers, national athletes and tactical responders to train side by […]

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Clubbell Axeman – Part 3

Having just arrived back from another camping retreat, it’s evident just how important training to improve the efficiency of your chosen lifestyle is. Our focus was on survival skills and specific fitness preparations for “making it through” the weekend. Fire is king out there, and without it you won’t last too long (especially after a […]

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Basic Push Up Routine

The basic push up is a fundamental strength building movement. Unfortunately, it’s one that many people either unintentionally get wrong or misrepresent.  And while there are many variations of the exercise and differing training intents, structural integrity must be held in the highest regard if we are to train for longevity and efficiency. We must […]

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Tough Mudder Training Alternatives – Swamp Stomp (+)

So far, we’ve looked at Tough Mudder training alternatives to the Devil’s Beard and Boa Constrictor obstacles. In the following installment, we’re looking to kill two birds with one stone as we address the Swamp Stomp and descending mud hills. Our first installment found us using rope, in our second we resorted to body weight, […]

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Rugged Maniac Comes To Jersey

It seems as though a new obstacle race is popping up every day.  Some are longer than others and have more obstacles, but for the most part, all of them share the same qualities:  distance, mud, crawling, climbing, jumping, bumping… and of course some have elements such as extreme heat, extreme cold, barbed wire, fire […]

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Men Of Differing Statures

They came in to train together, hoping to benefit from the higher level of motivation and accountability that comes with partner training. Jay was looking to drop weight, get off the treadmill and move to an activity that would allow him to gain more command over his body, while Tim was looking to improve his […]

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Tacfit: The Hard Responsible Push

My Tacfit Field Instructor preparations were recently sidelined due to a serious bout of the flu.  I felt something coming on the week before it hit, and tried to stave it off.  I normally come out on top.  However, this time the beast got the best of me. I was out of action physically, and […]

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